Frequently Asked Questions

How does the GoodGameTV work?
Just setup an account and you can start purchasing and watching videos. All the trailers are free, so knock yourself out. If there's something you want to purchase, just follow the shopping cart instructions and enter your billing info. Presto! Now sit back and enjoy. Also, access your Control Panel to view your options and see your purchase history (My Content).
How much does it cost?
Generally, most packages of shows and movies cost between $2.00 to $4.00. You get a ton of content for this price, including multiple episodes of a series and/or all the bonus content. It's about as cheap as cheap can get.
Will you have a larger content library?
Absolutely YES. We're working with and reaching out to a lot of licensors specifically to get more content. So don't you worry. We're on it.
How often do you add new content?
We're trying to add as fast as we can. We have a bunch of content in backlog that we need to digitize, convert and upload, so expect a lot of additions very soon. Also, we're in discussions with quite a few companies who are very interested, so expect big waves of additions shortly.
Can I buy shows as a gift for someone?
Not yet, but we're working on it. Check back soon.
How did you guys think of doing this?
We're all online gamers and dorks extraordinaire and spend way too much time using our computers. While looking for content, we got bored of Netflix's library, didn't use iTunes because our iPod broke (again), thought cable TV was a waste of money, and didn't want to pirate. So we took this project head on. Voila!

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